Hangman's Graveyard is a throwback to the pioneers of early thrash metal throughout the 80's to show that all metal was not pretty and had a very real message for society.

Formed out of early metal , doom and punk was known for its hard driving not so flashy often aggressive underground electrifying in your face "Not your pretty boy!" style.

Hangman's Graveyard transports you back to the era of the Big 4 and digs deeper into the roots of Canadian metal with the original pioneers Anvil, Razor, Annihilator and Exciter while having their own modern originals with catchy hooks , educational lyrics about history and troubles of today's society.

Hangman's Graveyard began its journey 6 years ago founded by Zac Williamson and Connor ' Reaper' Rombough as VYK.​ 'Reaper' being the only founding member soldiered on becoming Knightfall before taking a brief hiatus.

'Reaper' enlisted his father Gary aka Filthy Earl as a manager who had played throughout the 80s as the leader of 80s hair band Krimzon Kross out of Calgary, AB Canada. Together father and son would relaunch Hangman's Graveyard. Zac would return before heading off to school, still keeping contact. As he and 'Reaper are still best friends.

A myriad of revolving musicians have come and gone over the years. 2019 is where the core solidified with the addition of Shane ' Twitch' McConnell former guitarist of Exovedate from Ottawa , Cain ' Gypsy' Martin (guitar), Connor 'Reaper' Rombough (vocals) and Filthy Earl (drums).

Releasing our first album June 15, 2020 The Gallows after opening some shows for bands such as Engage The Threat, Beyond Creation, Salem Trials, Inatimate Existance. In the stages of releasing our EP Isolated in the near future, we are well on our way to thrashing Canada when we are able.

Currently signed to small labels Deathbridge Records (Lethbridge, AB) and Blank Thought Records from Ottawa, ON we are ready to thrash with high energy shows and have fun with metal fans all over the globe.




Hangman's Graveyard loves interacting with the media and all fans alike.


SHANE 'TWITCH' McCONNELL - Guitars ( FarLeft )

CAIN 'GYPSY' MARTIN - Rythym ( Mid Left )

CONNOR 'REAPER' ROMBOUGH - Vocals ( Mid Right )


Hangman's Henchmen



Connor 'Reaper' Rombough - (Vocals)

Reaper handles lead vocals. As the founding member of Hangman's Graveyard lends the emotion and aggression to the music. 

Singing in various styles of metal along with a unique way with history and lyrical creation lends to very meaningful songwriting.

Shane ' Twitch' McConnell - (Guitars,Bass and more guitars.​)

Twitch is the conductor of chaos providing the drive, motivation and skill behind the riffs that propel the Henchmen's melodic message.

Twitch has earned his way to flipping the switch. coming from a solid thrash and metal background since he was young. Joining  Hangman's Graveyard in early 2019 after a 7 year stint with popular Ottawa thrashers Exo-Vedate.

Twitch was just what we needed to give us the edge we were looking for. With a strong history and education in music Twitch has signified the Hangman's sound. There isn't a harder working guitarist anywhere....

Gary 'Filthy Earl' Rombough- (Drums, lyrics, bass, management and whatever else is needed)

'Filthy Earl' father of vocalist 'Reaper' has been the manager of Hangman's Graveyard since VYK's early inception. 'Filthy Earl' lead vocalist of 80's hair metal band Krimzon Kross from Calgary, AB has been playing music since he was 16.

Always a fondness for metal and hard rock left music for awhile because "life got in the way" Not playing since '92. 

Witnessing the joy music was bringing his son decided to manage VYK. Once reunited with his passion began to write lyrics and create riffs with former guitarists. 

With the departure of the bands bassist he filled the role. Willing to fill the holes where needed until a body occupied the position....LOL

Now you know how I became the drummer!!! LOL






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